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All this is great, but the real meat of the game comes in the Build City mode, which adds in elements of the famous town-planning game Sim City. Control a swirling mass of destruction!

This is an old game and I'm aware that it's been out for years. Can you build the highest tower in Quck Play mode? Become a Newgrounds Supporter today and get a ton of great perks! Some of the games on AddictingGames. Click here to see all the perks and browse our Wall of Honor.

More to the point, Tower Bloxx is quite simply a marvellously fun game, which takes seconds to grasp and weeks if not months to master. You get extra residents for every drop made while the meter is ticking down, with bonuses piling up if you can string together a series of perfect drops. RealGamer over a month ago ya no its oook. Trust us, this mode will keep you going for many weeks.

The more you consume the more powerful you become! Discover Diamond Islands - a refreshingly addictive puzzle game. Time it right and your tower stays bolt upright. It's not overstating Tower Bloxx's charms to say it's the closest any publisher has come yet to that holy grail.

They're saving that for the sequel, probably. But it's windy up there, and mistakes can cost you a bunch of floors!

Tower Bloxx

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Instructions space bar - drops a block Tower Bloxx gameplay. There are restrictions, however, i telugu film mp3 songs on where you can place the different towers on your city grid - for example office towers have to be adjacent to a residential and a commercial tower.

The game also includes a combo meter, which fills up whenever you make a perfect drop. This is the core of the game, and it's as addictive as Pringles crisps. Elegant simplicity and charming graphics with a slow learning curve that is easy to love. Quick Game mode, then, is all about building your tower as high as possible, and stuffing it with people to beat your high score.

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Tower Bloxx

The straighter your tower, the more people move in. Tower Bloxx Share Collapse. Find out more about Tower Bloxx. The highly decorated mobile game is now available on the web!


It's a test of skill - the faster you drop new floors, the happier they'll be. Facebook Pinterest Reddit Twitter. Only they don't turn up in a Pickford's van - they parachute in, which is refreshingly random. When the player achieves the defined population by placing a new building, he or she will be notified by a popup window. Allow button not appearing?

Pirates of the Stupid Seas.

You need to allow it above. Do this three times and it's game over. Do that too often, and your tower starts swinging about like a reed in a gale. Save the galaxy in an epic adventure with massive boss battles and more! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Tower Bloxx

If you misjudge a drop too badly, the block will bounce off and tumble to the ground spewing tents, taking a few other blocks with it depending on how wayward your tower is. Who knew that building an entire city could be so easy? Tower Bloxx Compulsive pocket gaming fare that towers over the mobile landscape.

The Facebook application Mobile. Tower Bloxx is among the most decorated games you can get for your mobile phone, winning two Game of the Year Awards and multiple Editor's Choice awards! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. Highscore is stored for the top three best quick games, and this highscore also shows the number of building blocks placed in those games.

Get it wrong and it starts to lean. TroseK over a month ago why are you looking for hot guys on a game review? You only need to do this once. Intuitive one-click puzzle gameplay Unique combination of reflex and puzzle gaming elements Compare your score against others on the web, can you make the largest city in Build City mode?