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All the fun of work in The Sims! Rewards are unlocked as set goals are achieved. He goes to Riley's house for dinner with her and they have a great time. She is in love with Jacob Margison. He is arrested for doing this.

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Download The Sims Life Stories. He almost gets married to Agora until Riley arrives at the scene to halt the wedding, after that he proposes to Riley and they get married. The game begins with Riley's story while Vincent's story is unlocked at the beginning of the fourth chapter of Riley's story. Expansions Galactic Adventures. The Sims Life Stories may not give as much freedom as you have in The Sims, but is still a very enjoyable and challenging game.

She is the daughter to Fiona Fortuna and only appears as a guest at Mickey and Agora's wedding. The player won't have the objects, floors and walls from Life Stories, though. Also, having such low system requirements makes it the perfect game for any computer. Undertale The role playing game that lets you spare the life of monsters. He breaks up with Samantha Hayden after he feels that her wedding proposal was far too sudden.

She secretly sabotages all of his dates and later on in the story vents out her anger by destroying his house. Download and installation help.

He also appears to comfort Riley after she breaks up with Mickey and he is found to be cheating on her when he is caught dating Ashley Sinclair. She tends to interrupt during conversations and has an addiction to Coffee.

She moves in to her aunt's house in Four Corners after losing her job and being evicted from her apartment in Sim City. He has a fight with Dylan and loses, causing him and Riley to break up.

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The relationship goes well until he discovers she is seeing Dylan. Owner of Don Calamari's and a friend of Vince. However, he leaves Vince's house in a big mess, later on in the story he begins to develop a relationship with Alexa Starr. Minor character in the story. Life simulation game God game.

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She is a widow and the mother of Madison Fortuna. On her first day she moves in, her Aunt Sharon almost immediately has to leave for something urgent, thus leaving Riley alone for the first few days. Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. Dreaming of an ad-free web? Vince's business rival and later Samantha Hayden's new boyfriend turned husband.

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In the open-ended Classic mode, the player creates Sims and then chooses how they'll live their life. In each scenario the player takes control of one of two protagonists and is tasked with accomplishing various goals in that character's life. Your review for The Sims Life Stories -. There are three neighborhoods to play - one for each of the two stories, love story soundtrack as well as a freeplay neighborhood. What do you think about The Sims Life Stories?

She is the wife of Waring Sinclair. At the end of the story she moves in with Vince and is crushed by a satellite, after that her fate is up to the player.

The Sims Life Stories

Unlike the usual freestyle sim gaming mode, these stories have pre-defined characters and scenarios. The towns in which Riley and Vince live are also available to play when their stories are finished.

Papers, Please Who said being an immigration officer wasn't fun? Husband of Ashley and a minor character in the story who only appears at Mickey and Agora's wedding. She offers Riley her place to stay but leaves abruptly for something important. After you complete the stories you can continue to play as you wish.

At the beginning of the story, he is the driver for Aunt Sharon and truly loves her. Vince's best friend who is asked to take care of his house during his absence.

She is also seen dating Dylan and gives a gift to Riley after her wedding. The main character of Riley's Story.

Later, she gives Vince a second chance and their relationship improves. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws.

List of games Book Category. She also attends Mickey and Agora's wedding and calls Riley to attend as well. Co-worker of Dylan who attends Mickey and Agora's wedding. Waring is a successful businessman who fears that his wife will cheat on him.

Subsequently, she harbors a bitter relationship with Vince after he sells all of the stuff she bought for the wedding. Main characters in the game are Riley Harlow and Vincent Moore. However the date turns disastrous when unbeknown to Vince Samantha sneaks into the kitchen and sabotages the food causing Alexa to fall asleep on her food.