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Yes mam some of Devotional songs in this blog List I mentioned in this list as Devotional with in bracket. Hi Can any one tell me in film this songs comes i think this song sung by Dr. Will devotional songs come under this category? He pursues her till her house, where her father Suresh takes an immediate liking to him. Tamilcube Shop Singapore's top Tamil assessment books, gotham black font mac guides and test papers.

Non-verbal reasoning questions Verbal reasoning questions Verbal ability questions. Viswa, who is also present, notices that the van was bombed by Bhima Bhai and his gang. Site map Terms Contact Us. Tamil calendar Tamil astrology Tamil Panchangam.

Dear Ramasubramaniam Here is ur req song link. Your blog keeps getting better and better! In this blog a lot of repeation so please ignore it.

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Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up! After subduing all the henchmen, he finally stabs Bhima Bhai in the neck, killing him. Ramadurai is arrested, but as soon as he is locked in the police van, the van explodes, killing him. Tamil devotional songs Learn Tamil online Tamil motivational quotes Thirukkural. Giridhar Sir I am very happy about ur request mail for using my lists in our Guruji official website.


Hai Udhaya Banu mam, How r u? The movie ends with Viswa and Meera getting married. After hearing his story, Ramadurai decides to meet Meera and her father at their hotel to finalise the wedding.

He records their conversation, but is immediately noticed by them, who pursue and kill him. However, they are not able to steal the tape where their conversation was recorded as it had been stolen from Kumar while he was escaping from them in a local train.

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Dear friends, Due to some official work I couldn't update I know lot of repeation in this list when I will update later. He stabs Viswa and escapes with one of Viswa's henchmen who is oblivious of Ranga's double agent role. Some days later, at the Maha Shivaratri celebrations at Dharavi, Viswa and his men get drunk. We need to complete the database of Baluji's song list as soon as possible. It is then revealed that Viswa did not die as claimed by Ranga, but is still fighting Bhima Bhai and his henchmen at the fort.

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Best regards, Giridhar Raja. Whoever started this needs to be highly appreciated.

When the tape is made public, Bhima Bhai is arrested. Sorrry for the late reply. However, his resilience and attempt to stand up to Bhima Bhai makes him a hero among the downtrodden and is hailed as the successor of Ramadurai.

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Eventually, she proposes to Viswa and expresses her intention to meet his father. Hear is ur request song link.


Soon, Meera reciprocates Viswa's feelings for her and together they revive her father's unprofitable restaurant business and win a local dance competition. As a result, his wife Ganga Rekha is killed by the henchmen of the Marathi leader who instigated the riots. Once again thanq very much. Pls visit the following link regular. After finding out that Ranga had killed Viswa and was a traitor, he dashes the car they are in into an oil truck, killing them both.

He maintains contact with his father regularly, though he is oblivious of his activities in Mumbai. Later, clashes between Maharashtrians and non-Maharashtrians take place at Matunga.

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Also, the surviving members of Bhima Bhai's gang, unwilling to face Viswa, flee Mumbai. He immediately rushes there, only to find out that Ranga was working for Bhima Bhai all along. Tamil jathagam Numerology. After stopping a Bhima Bhai-led eviction drive in Dharavi, he is arrested and brutally beaten by the police, only to be released after Meera intervenes.