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Sales from the video game have been positive. It also gives the game a balance update from characters and items. While the game retains elements from the previous games, the game introduces a new rage system that increases the strength of the playable characters when they are weakened. Bosconovitch's deceased daughter, and Lars Alexandersson, Heihachi Mishima's illegitimate son and leader of a rebellious Tekken Force faction fighting Jin's tyranny. Revealing that Azazel can only be destroyed by someone with the Devil Gene, Jin confronts and attacks the revived Azazel, sending them both plummeting to the desert.

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In retaliation, Jin announces the sixth King of Iron Fist Tournament in order to lure Kazuya out, at the same time sparking many people into entering the tournament to defeat him. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Prime Edition Revolution Mobile. This action plunges the world into an extremely chaotic spiral, with a huge-scale civil war erupting around the globe and even amidst the space colonies orbiting the planet.

List of Tekken characters. Players can move freely between fights, but when a group of enemies are encountered, the gameplay switches to the traditional, russian fonts windows two-dimensional Tekken style. It is the sixth main installment in the Tekken franchise.

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In Bloodline Rebellion and the console version, the eighth character is Alisa Bosconovitch, a gynoid with jet wings and spinning limbs who may be the cybernetically-enhanced daughter of Dr. This mode originally only included offline single player. Certain trophies in the game unlocked Home rewards.

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It features new characters, stages, items and customization options. Miguel wants to exact revenge upon Jin and the Mishima Zaibatsu for causing the death of his sister at her wedding. It also stars a hack and slash mode focused on a soldier named Lars Alexandersson. Players are able to customize characters and take any non-customized or customized character online.

Due to being unable to defeat larger opponents however, he disappeared from the fighting world, determined to increase his weight and power while still maintaining speed. The death of Leo's mother, presumably at the hands of Kazuya Mishima prompts Leo to begin investigating the Mishima Zaibatsu. Lars and Raven enter the chamber and confront Azazel, whom they seemingly defeat. Then again, it is an excellent port and will give you plenty of time to practice while on the road, so it just might be worth that extra investment.

Disabling Alisa's safe mode, Lars is forced to confront his former teammate, who leaves with Jin to Egypt. Aggregate score Aggregator Score Metacritic.

As of the Bloodline Rebellion update, successfully parrying a low attack will also put a character into a bound state. The game also fully supported game launching which is a feature of Home that lets users set up multi-player games in Home and launch directly into the game from Home.

Nine new characters are introduced in this game. The rage aura can be customized with different colors and effects to appear like fire, electricity, and ice, among others. In this mode, the player can move freely in an environment similar to that of a third-person role-playing game.

Once activated, a reddish energy aura appears around the character, and their health bar starts to flicker in red. If users accessed them, they were given rewards. They all are unique not only in their appearance but their personality and techniques as well. The lag in multiplayer, however, has been improved via patch by Namco Bandai Games. Alisa Bosconovitch, an android with jet wings and spinning limbs who was built in the image of Dr.

However, Lars is rendered amnesiac during an attack by G Corporation and spends some time recovering his memories.

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