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We can overlook all of those minor drawbacks, though, since the series is so good overall and thus far this winter has been genuinely helpful in keeping us on our bikes indoors. No matter what aspect of your fitness you want to improve, we have a Sufferfest for that. The Sufferfest training videos have built up a reputation for being extremely difficult but also rewarding as you slog your guts out on the turbo trainer side by side with the pros. Have seen a noticeable improvement in my numbers and out on the road.

They are all intense if you do them right, but I think Hunted can be ridden fairly easy as it has longer duration sections. Your limiting factor on these efforts needs to be leg speed. The changing nature of the footage, messages and music keeps you entertained the entire time you are on the trainer. We have the best minds in the business creating comprehensive training plans for road, triathlon, cyclocross, xc mountain biking, and more.

The Travel sessions will make sure you stay strong in Couchlandria. This number is based on your recent riding history, and represents an estimate of moving time. Short, concise sessions will enable you to make your training time effective.

Not using The Sufferfest app? TrainerRoad now has all Sufferfest videos incorporated into their system. You've had such a positive impact on so many lives.

Featuring amazing indie music and dance tunes to keep your cadence and motivation up you will clash with riders such as Andy Schleck and Robert Gesink as you go for the stage win. Humorous while making you hurt.

This is one of the few sessions where you can consistently sit at that intensity and let your body churn away at this nice efficient effort level. Anyway to use these with Friel's or time Crunched Cyclist over the winter? Originally Posted by pagey.

Each video starts with a proper warm-up and ends with an easy cool-down. Training plans Train with a purpose. Our Basic members have unrestricted access to everything we offer in our mobile apps. This, in turn, makes the repeated efforts above threshold near the end of this session much harder than they might feel in another workout where you get to recover fully.

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The training system offers a tried and true program that I love to hate. Print turn-by-turn cue sheets so you know where you are heading. Our plans integrate structured cycling workouts, full-body yoga sessions, strength training, and mental toughness exercises to make you strong, flexible, focused, and mentally tough. Contains no cuesheet entries, only track information breadcrumb trail. Repeated Efforts, by The Sufferfest.

Sufferfest - Hunted

The recovery and breathing sessions will make you feel right at Om. This workout combines several technique driven intervals. Join Date Jun Posts Originally Posted by edwin headwind Has anyone incorporated Sufferfest videos into a structured winter training program? For questions about The Sufferfest please email theminions thesufferfest. Still have trouble logging in?

Developed with elite coaches and sports psychologists, this program will build your mental toughness and give you that competitive edge. Include cues as waypoints? The name of the game here is absolute peak cadence, not peak power.

Thank you to all the coaches, collaborators and staff at The Sufferfest! The Sufferfest videos can be bought at The Sufferfest website here. In between, the different Sufferfest titles offer varying combinations of shorter intervals and longer efforts depending on your wants and needs for the day. The Hunted is an hour long video that pits you against the peloton in the Tour de Suiss and Tour de Romandie as you create a breakaway and spend the whole video being hunted down by the peloton. When the sufferfest first came out I really enjoyed the fact that you had no idea what might be coming up, particularly in the messier videos like the Wretched, only guitar music mp3 Local Hero finale or the Hunted.

Part of the fun of working out to these videos is not knowing what is going to happen. Email address to share with. Beginners and non-racers will unlikely touch this video again. You get the precise training stimulus necessary to get faster. All data including power would still be gathered and reviewable, but the pressure to hit targets would be off.

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After finishing this plan, you can begin a more advanced plan straight away. Auto-center on route position. To properly execute this session, your effort between drills needs to be low.

No other training app can do that. To help you get the most out of your training, we integrated the Yoga for Cyclists Programme into all of our training plans.

Still have some intervals but not as intense as say Downward Spiral! You're not just a spectator, you're part of the action.

Very helpful when your eyes are flooded with sweat, and squinting with the hurt. Bouncing in the saddle is okay for this drill. Sustained Efforts, by The Sufferfest. The Sufferfest Community Feature Requests. This means they can't help much with power production.


And then, log your rides and watch your progress. Careers Advertise Brand Protection. Turbo trainer remote resistance shifters are required.

The high-rep, low-weight exercises will build full-body strength that translates directly to better performance on the bike. Leave a reply Cancel reply. Each of the ones we tried is legitimately and appropriately painful but then again, indoor workouts by nature aren't meant to be pleasant. Neuromuscular, by The Sufferfest. If you want results, we have the plan.