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It is also working in other states. Would you mind sending us an email to contact kaiostech. Eliminate the icebergs that block the route of merchant ships. Start your day on a high note! We totally understand the importance of this app and hope for your understanding.

Regional apps that have user-followings in specific countries or are created by local developers to solve unique problems for that region. Could you specify the device model you have? When I check those images inside file manager I can find those images without any problem. We hope to introduce more apps in the near future, including the ones for banking.

Ringtone for calls are a-ok. Is possible to add those three apps in os store? Akshay, we truly appreciate you reporting this issue to us. If so, is it in development?

Our product team is already aware of that so we hope they will take it into consideration. Dear sir my jio phone not open in main display this phone only show me with big jio logo and downloaded complicated and than switched off problem plz tell me solutions.

ShoreTel 655 User Manual

Eventually it seems that will never arrive. Would you mind checking this first with Reliance Jio? Don't forget to check latest free mobile recharge offer!

Would you mind telling your device model so we can pinpoint this request and send it over to our developers? Can you guys tell me the exact date when all these apps and games will come on Jio Phone. Hi Abu, thank you for the suggestions.

Frequently Asked Questions About The JioPhone and KaiOS

When I try to send some images or uploading some images through a third party app such as Whatsapp or Facebook it takes me to gallery. Hi Shubham, thank you for letting us know.

The software update for JioPhones is eventually being pushed by Reliance Jio. Then the cups get shuffled while you try to keep your eye on the one your egg was originally placed. Stay up to date with all the global weather info.

Therefore, we recommend checking if your device can be updated to a newer version with Reliance Jio. For more information, please contact Reliance Jio directly. However, virtual dj home chip Reliance Jio may have chosen to exclude it from their devices.

You use your smartphone for everything from entertainment to managing your finances, so why not also use it to help lower your energy bill? The Earth is very dangerous. Find quick answers, explore your interests and get a feed of updates on what matters to you. Our team does everything so all our users could get the best experience.

My Jio phone powered by kaios has been locked due to forget password. Race against your opponents with a twist in this football-themed running game.

However, kaios is an awesome os. Help your tiny monster in his endless journey, jumping from platform to platform, eating as many apples as possible as you rise to new heights. Sir plese can u bring hotspot in the jio phone.

Meet The Apps Available On KaiOS

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Presently, the tones are weak, lame and boooring! Please stay tuned for the updates! Thank you for having taken your time to provide us with your valuable feedback.

Please follow our blog to keep yourself updated on the latest news and app announcements. Our product team has received your message and take it into account.

Thank you for reaching out! You can always follow our blog to stay updated on the latest news and app announcements.