Pro Bass Fishing For Pc rapala pro bass fishing pc download

The mouse can be used for all functions of the game. Our review wouldn't be complete without a thorough depiction of the gameplay. Thank you, your vote was recorded and will show soon.

Those people are dead wrong. In-Fisherman Freshwater Trophies Download A game for anglers who like to put their fishing skills to use! The Strike Definitely more fun with the rod and reel bundle! Download Pro Bass Fishing.

The audio in the game is just plain flat. We add new online fishing games all the time, so be sure to check back often.

At the beginning of the game, you get a boat with a trolling motor and a mighty snazzy fish finder yeah, right! There is also a meter that lets you see how much tension the fish is putting on the line when you are reeling in the fish. Once players have picked their spot and selected their lure, they'll cast their line only to find that the boat's position at the bottom of the screen never changes.

The same goes for rod selection and navigation around the lake in your boat. Any one of those gaming platforms could whip this game's butt with both fins and a tail tied behind its back I'm not joking. When you actually get to catch a fish, the only thing you get to see is the fish wagging its tail at you until you drag it into the boat.

Rapala pro bass fishing pc download

When you wish to cast your line, you simply click the mouse and up pops a crosshair. The fourth edition to their highly successful series of fishing games is their best version yet.

This is a very simple game to learn. The manual runs you through the setup process, and covers all aspects of fishing in this game. Honestly, the most fun aspect of the fishing game is casting. Com is a comprehensive resource for free online fishing games, apps and fishing software.

Apparently, both Al and James played a large role in the development of the game and in the strategy involved in catching the largemouth bass and smallmouth bass in-game. Play Now Download the full version. You also have the option to play with a rod and reel bundle. Our brand new Fishing Apps section is totally dedicated to anglers looking for fishing apps and games for their mobile devices, like the iPhone and iPad.

There is no fishing tournament available, so there is not a whole lot to this game. Browse games Game Portals. That's all there is to it. By continuing on our website you consent to it.

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The fisherman yawns, mosquitoes buzz, the frogs croak and ribbit. The whole effect is not only disorienting, but also extremely disappointing as it keeps players from enjoying the beauty of the lakes where they are fishing. Harder than most fishing games. Searching For A Particular Game?

You are also shown how to navigate your boat and use the fish finder. If you haven't seen the trailer for this game, you have to watch it! Download In-Fisherman Freshwater Trophies. The game manual says that you can use a force-feedback joystick to feel the fish fighting you. That's right, those who are thinking about hitting the big time lakes of the champions will instead be confronted with a series of pools straight out of Fantasyland.

Get rid of the keyboard and mouse for bass fishing games! Doesn't exactly sound like a great day at the lake does it? Catch the required amount of fish before the time runs out.

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The really sad thing about this game is that it's probably going to sell fairly well. On the right side of the main game screen you can see which lure you are using and how tight your drag is on your line. Download this game today and enjoy the crisp graphics and excellent fishing.


Confirm Something went wrong, please try again. The genuine fishing lure included in the game is the best part of the package. Just fish and try to have fun.

Pro Bass Fishing Full PC Game Download Free

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From the bass fishing blast-off of tournament boats in the morning to the afternoon weigh-ins of big bass limits. What makes Rapala Pro Bass Fishing the most complete fishing game? However, there is nothing in the graphics that makes you want to play Pro Bass Fishing more than once, and that's stretching it. Real life fishing personalities and tournament anglers are in the game and ample cheats and cheat codes allow for finding monster fish. You drag the crosshair to the place you wish to cast, shaft alignment calculator click again and the fishing line goes to that spot.