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Person is stuck in some problems. However, the tears affect your thinking ability. Sometimes you are not able to share your feeling of sadness. How you behave in this situation?

If the answer is yes then the person is heartless. It provides a fast and trouble-free way to stream various Punjab music videos without spending anything. However, this waiting situation can be long.

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The person has become shattered with the huge losses in his or life. With the help of this song, Amrinder Gill tries to describe the sadness of a girl on her vidaai. You have seen in a marriage the vidaai scene.

Nevertheless, the sad memories make you sad. Akhil has come up with a brand new single that will certainly be your favourite in no time. If you are looking for some best latest Punjabi Song list. You need to live your live. However, the lost of someone leaves you heartbroken.

What he finds to get rid of the mad memories? As this is a selfless feeling. Jhooth Performed by Gitaz Bindrakhia, Jhoot is a poignant song that is known for its powerful lyrics and catchy music.

Aaja Sajna is one of the best songs from his Punjabi sad songs collection. Sometimes the emotions of the sad songs are helpful in uplifting your mood. It will certainly make you hit the dance floor. The app has integrated several video and music sharing platforms under one roof.

Lots of artists have come up with their own rendition of the song. In this song, Dard Da Tana is about sorrowful situation of a person.

The feeling of cheat makes them sad. Do you need some Punjabi Wedding songs list? Are you looking for the best Punjabi emotional songs?

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However, some of you may not take it serious. You can search for your favourite tracks from its user-friendly interface and stream your music at no added cost. What you feel if a letter comes for you? Jaani Teta Naa If you are a fan of Sunanda Sharma, then you will fall in love with her new track as well. However, this time you need to be strong and fight as a fighter.

Somehow, love changes the person. This is surely the loveliest romantic Punjabi song. As most of you like to look at the stars and moon. What you feel about a liar?

The song is about a celebrating happiness of marriage by the family members. However some of you may say, be your loved ones.

However, with his song he tries to describe the feeling of a heart broken person. The song from the movie features Ranbir Kapoor and Nargis Fakri.

Bollywood Songs - New Hindi DJ Punjabi Video Songs & - Free Online Videos

Top 100 Punjabi Songs (Best latest Punjabi Songs List) MP3-MP4 2017

No one of you likes to be sad. Awesome dance moves of Katrina kalf and Siddharth Malhotra. Feroz Khan wants you to realize the situation of leaving your love. On a day you find he or she is a cheater.

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Latest Songs

You and I are nothing without mom. However, you even realize what makes you mad. You may be stuck off in a situation.

Punjabi Songs has some magic which forces us to be on the dance floor and shake our legs. As happiness is the important part of the life. However, every girl has to face this sorrow. In short time great success of the song. If you are a Punjabi speaker then you will certainly love this song.

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You life has filled with memories. However, this lives you shattered. Among the Topper of the list, my all time favorite song Angrezi Beat.

Kala Chashma Baar Baar Dekho. How it feels when you are heartbroken? However, the loss of love is a frightening feeling. Keta Tabah Sanu makes you feel emotional. However, falling love is a special feeling.

Tera Pyaar is the best Punjabi Sad Song. In my list, chottanikkara bhagavathi tamil songs you find the Punjabi sad songs of the best singers.

How come I forget the refreshing song from perfectionist Aamir Khan Movie? Nevertheless, this is not the time lose hope. Yaad is the Hindi word for the memories. This song is surely one of the best romantic Punjabi Songs from his collection. Hanju is the Punjabi word for cry.