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Roles has been a highly desired feature for a long time. It was also approved by Sun's shareholders, and by the U. Area of interest - automation, artificial intelligence, optimization, dhak dhak karne laga beta mp3 quantum computing.

What s new in MySQL 8 that need your attention

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Descending indexes also make it possible for the optimizer to use multiple-column indexes when the most efficient scan order mixes ascending order for some columns and descending order for others.

Use this grid to help you determine which version best meets your needs. In the past the the desc or asc was ignored.

If you suspect that an index is being used and the performance is affected then you can restore the invisible index. Unlimited Servers for Less. Sun's board of directors unanimously approved the deal. If you find any of these changes suitable for you then you can move to the new version.

Descending Indexes Descending indexes are now available. Better storage usage, performance improvement more flexible way to work with unique ids.

Another great new feature is persistent runtime configuration changes. They are based on Group Replication, open source tools. In general it's a representation for a collection of privileges.

Descending indexes are now available. Have in mind that it'll take some time before this version become more stable and it's the new mainline version for the most users. In any case, full binaries for all our supported operating systems are and will remain conveniently available from this page. Previously, indexes could be scanned in reverse order but at a performance penalty.


It is good practice to back up your data before installing any new version of software. This feature will help you when you need to check if an index can be dropped or not. Oracle Linux Oracle Solaris. Give me access to the most experienced technicians available to resolve my issues quickly.

It will be possible to scan then in reverse order without any performance impact. Software Freedom Law Center. Roles Roles has been a highly desired feature for a long time. This feature is extremely helpful when you need to get the newly created records vs the older ones. For businesses, public sector institutions and users looking for the highest reliability.

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Oracle Certification Program. It supports backing up from all storage engines.

What s new in MySQL 8 that need your attention

Big and Small Data at Twitter. It includes tools to create professional desktop, enterprise, and web applications. Support can be obtained from the official manual.

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This has to be taken into account when you want to upgrade. So you can used it at your own risk. In order to test the performance without this index you can make it invisible. These are great news and one step ahead towards standardized multilingual support in data driven applications.

Just create a role and you're good to go. The optimizer will not see the invisible indexes and you can monitor query performance before dropping index. Older version, still supported.