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Go into the room on the right, smash the barrels, and push the shelf left to find a crack in the wall. Push the table in the Reception Room over to the top-left dresser to get a Kukri Knife, then use that to cut the spider web in the Changing Room. What do I do in the Guest Rooms? In the Guest Rooms, reopen the fourth door from the left after it closes.

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Mad Father is an exploration-based horror-adventure game, created by Japanese developer sen. But this fleeting glimpse of light is quickly extinguished when Aya is jolted from her slumber by the sound of her father screaming. Sad, lonely, and desperate for something to help her relive happier times, grand theft auto chinatown wars for android Aya asks her father if they can do something special in memory of her lost mother. Also check out the Misao Wiki for info on Sen's first game.

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Check on her after she's attacked, get the Bandage from the shelves, and use it on her. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Get ready for blood, gore, and full-on insanity! In the third diary room, pick up the Kitchen Knife from the counter, give it to the boy, and wipe the mother's face with the Napkin.

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Not mirrored, that's a different game. What do I do with the mandrake? Run away from the zombie into that room.

Cut down the hunk of ham with the chainsaw, fry it on the stove, and give it to him on a plate. When you reach the patrolling doll, go up the ladder when it's looking away.

Sleep on the bed to make it move. Get the Oil on the counter. Bait the zombie into the fifth room and pull the pot back as you retreat.

He agrees and dismisses her to bed. Get the Ladder there and use it in the Attic. Chainsaw the chandelier when the doll is underneath. How do I get Mom's Perfume back? After the Intro Go into the Nursery and take Snowball.

Run away from the monster into that room. How do I feed the boy in the Cafeteria? When you reach the zombie patrolling, go up the ladder when it's looking away. Use the Ladder to get up, then push the movable pot off the edge to break it open and get the Mini Chainsaw. Go into the door on the right of the Entrance Hall to reach the basement stairs.

Please feel free to help out the site by contributing and adding pages in order to make this wiki expand, but make sure you read the Rules and Guidelines before doing so. Just grab the Door Key in the middle and retreat. In the Dead End, place it on the far-right edge of the cliff to kill? She passed away exactly a year before the story begins.

A terrifying tale of love and death

Smash the cracked pot in the Cultivation Room with the Hammer to get some. Use the Forceps to get the Rusty Key out of the toilet and wash it in the bucket. Backtrack to the Open Room and use the chainsaw to smash the barrels in the way.

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In the Courtyard, use the Wood Bucket at the water and carry it to put out the fire in the Reception Room. Bait the monster into the fifth room and pull the pot back as you retreat. Read more about it in the blog post. If you have, you get the option to help her.

Check out the full list on our Publisher Page. Summary Most Helpful Recent Funny. Tunnels How do I get past the patrolling zombie? Get the Oil on the rightmost shelves. In the fourth diary room, decapitate the girl with the chainsaw.

Multiple endings There are three possible endings to the game. Go into the Bedroom left of the Nursery and leave, then come back in to get the Archives Key.

Go into the Archives and look through the shelves for the Code Memo. On your second visit to the Cafeteria, cut down the hunk of ham with the chainsaw. Use the Raw Ham on the stove to fry it and give it to the boy to get a Napkin.

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Fill the Wood Bucket with water and bring it to put out the fire in the Reception Room. What do I do in the Trick Room? If you haven't read Maria's backstory in her room, you're forced onto another bad ending. How do I get the Lighter Oil?