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Shadow Illusion - Wing Knight creates some shadow clones to attack the enemy. Destwilder fights alongside Axe.

The Rider Gauge now Advent Gauge does not charge anymore. These Riders can only be unlocked through specific means, each of which is listed below. The best strategy is to maintain a long distance and shoot charged arrows. Steal Vent - steals your enemy's equipped weapon.

Black Dragclaw - Onyx's long range weapon. Gigazelle fights alongside Spear. Goldphoenix lifts Wrath into the air.

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Their levels are carried over from the Ventara Mode. Metalgelas fights alongside Thrust. Dragblade - stronger version of the Dragsaber. Evilwhip - Sting uses Evildiver's tail as a whip. Giga Cannon - Torque summons a twin cannon mounted on his shoulders to blast the enemy.

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight

These villains are unlocked by going through each of the Kamen Rider's Ventara Mode. Kamen Rider Megaton Smash. Each Kamen Rider has their own unique set of Advent Cards.

Same as Sting's Attack Vent. Makes use of a long metal rod for his attacks.

Fire Wall - same as Dragshield, but the shield is not visible anymore. Goldphoenix flies around and assists Wrath. One of the best villains to use. Pokemon Go Posts How many have you caught? Strike makes a charging Rider Kick using Cerebeast for a booster.

Black Wing flies around and assists Wing Knight. Complete mission as Wrath. Black Dragshield - improve Onyx's defense.

The good thing about White Minion is that he finishes his combo with an aerial launch which allows you to make a follow up attack. Sonic Break - Black Wing stuns the enemy and causes damage. The player is also able to select two more different cards before starting a battle. Heavy Pressure - Thrust together with Metalgelas, charges at the enemy, using the Metal Horn as a spearhead.

Remember Me Forgot Password. Biogreeza fights alongside Camo. In this game, the player uses Advent Cards to perform special attacks, depending on how much the Advent Gauge is filled up, latest telugu video songs high quality 2011 with the Final Vent being used when all three bars are full. Doing so will result in legal action.

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Vic was possessed by Xaviax to become Wrath. Spinning around like a vortex, creating a drill that descends on the enemy.

Complete mission as Incisor. So I just put some short description about them and their capabilities.

Unlock Cards Unlock Characters More cheats. If you have a question for this game, ask your question here. Venosaber - Strike's main weapon. Dragreder rushes to the screen, damaging all enemies in a straight line.

Complete all missions for all Riders. The player can charge the Rider's Advent Gauge by touching and holding the Rider until all three bars are full. Dragon Knight Cheats Search here for codes. Complete mission as Dragon Knight. Dragon Knight Question Guidelines.


The player can also select any Advent Card they want before the fight. Instead, use your Attack Vent to fight for you while you focus on destroying the target. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password?

Darkblade - Darkvisor turns into a sword. Giga Armor - improve Torque's defense.

Scissors Attack - Incisor makes a spiraling dive. He may not be a Kamen Rider but he's guard crush is probably the best in the game. Goldsaber - equips Wrath with a pair of golden saber. Complete mission as Thrust.