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Spa to be used by the workshops of Piaggio- Gilera dealers. Scooter Gilera Workshop Manual Runner purejet pages. Gilera Motorcycles History.

And Gilera Runner in all its modifications, certainly you will not be thrown out of the world history of scooter building. Any important changes made to the vehicles or to specific repair operations will be promptly reported by updates to this manual. The lighting system bulbs burn out. Use a reference plane to reset the dial gauge with a pre-load of a few millimetres. Specific tooling Y Wrench for steering tube ring nut See also Handlebar Refitting Refit steering lock nut - After locking the first ring nut in place, iruvar mp3 songs 123musiq lock the second ring nut using a specific tool.

Start the vehicle and adjust the idle using the ad- justment screw A on the carburettor. The description and code for each operation is in- dicated.

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Gilera Scooter repair manuals

Immerge the thermostat, and keep it in the centre of the bowl. The lighting system bulbs stop working. Specific tooling Y Spring hook - Ensure the shaft is not abnormally worn and the bearings not noisy. Non-recharging of the battery.

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For each breakdown, a list of the possible causes and respective interventions is given. Check that the front brake calliper moves in axis with the disc. This website uses cookies.

Print & Online Gilera Scooter Repair Manuals - Haynes Publishing

Rules This section describes general safety rules for any maintenance operations performed on the vehicle. After removing the steering ring-nut using the spe- cial tool, lean the vehicle on one side and extract the steering tube. Now the Italian company Gilera is known, for the most part, as a producer of good and innovative scooters. Avoid contact between bearings and container.

Gilera Scooter repair manuals
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Fill the circuit through the expansion tank to the maximum level. Top up with recommended coolant, if necessary. Refitting the flywheel magneto - Fit the flywheel being careful to insert the key properly. Non functioning of the turn indicators.

The battery overcharges the main fuse blows. Since then, Gilera creates only scooters and small motorcycles. Per il montaggio eseguire le operazioni in ordine inverso.