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However, the mischievous Kitty overhears, and when she threatens to reveal Cerise's secret, Raven steps in to help. The characters listed below are profiled at the franchise's website and most have featured dolls.

The company estimated only about million was budgeted for the development. The students join together to make Farrah Goodfairy, daughter of the Fairy Godmother gets dream come true. However, Headmaster Grimm bans it. With Legacy Day being today, Apple's constant pressure, and Maddie's encouraging words, will Raven accept her destiny dutifully as the next Evil Queen, or flip the script and rewrite her path?

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Brooke tries to narrate the perfect scene for Alistair and Bunny's first kiss. The Ever After High doll franchise has spawned a web series whose episodes were released on their website and YouTube. Cupid is down in the dumps when Dexter works up the nerve to ask Raven out right in front of her.

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Meanwhile, Duchess threatens to expose Hunter and Ashlynn's secret relationship, and Dexter's attempt to tell Raven his feelings has unforeseen results. Being unable to lie may be a good thing, but it is especially bad when you have a class project that requires you to tell a tall tale.

Are you a Hero or a Vebel? Ashlynn's fashion show is disrupted by her stepsisters. Hi everyone, i'm interested in breathing some new life into this wiki, through the adoption process. Audible Download Audio Books.

United States Copyright Office. The De Niles are hoping to meet their dynastic destiny and carve out a new empire, while Catty Noir is trying to find her music. After Ashlynn and Hunter reveal their romance, it is met with various opinions, especially by Apple, and Headmaster Grimm begins to suspect party planning is going on.

The True Hearts Day party arrives, and Duchess is determined to ruin it. While attempting to help Frankie Stein learn more about her freaky cool scaritage, the fashionably fierce ghoulfriends travel back in time to the first day ever of Monster High! Lists of web series episodes.

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For fear of Cedar blurting out their secret, Ashlynn and Hunter let Cedar eat peanuts while talking so that her words come out all garbled. Read about the Ever After High dolls and merchandise. Legacy Day has finally arrived, but that makes Raven's fear come out.

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Courtly gives some details about her new start at Ever After High. Crystal Winter is the daughter of the Snow Queen and will someday rule over winter, however, horosoft professional edition 4.0 astrology software Jackie Frost and North Wind have other ideas it is to curse the King and Queen. An introduction to Ever After High and its students. Read about the Ever After High websites.

The votes are in, and one of the four queen candidates will receive the crown. Click here for a full list of Ever After High characters. International Business Times. After winning the end-of-year sporting event, Cerise, Hunter and Lizzie's talents are called upon to save the yearbook ceremony. Granted I only watched one episode to see if it was appropriate for my daughter.

Apple spends the day helping her future subjects. Both were created by Mattel. The Unfairest of Them All. Want your community included?

Lizzie proposes that Apple and Raven settle their dispute over the yearbook with a croquet match. In addition to the collection of an initial six beautiful and detailed fashion dolls, the property is supported by an immersive digital experience including a website, EverAfterHigh. Cerise and her parents make plans to have a forest picnic, only for Hunter to interject.

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After accidentally hexing Apple's magic mirror, Raven tries to look for a substitute while pretending nothing ever happened. Poppy learns she and Holly were switched at birth.

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The Secret Diaries Series. Humphrey Dumpty helps Duchess Swan with a singing class that Duchess is terrible at. Officially announced today. The students are generally divided between two groups.