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It sounds like it is played on an electric. Music video with two black mean walking towards one another from across the world The music video is only a couple years old.

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Walmart inside of me This song plays in Walmart but I can never make out enough lyrics. The music video is a man sitting in a chair in a plain room. Pop song guitar riff female singer Pop song with acoustic guitar riff and female singer. Song that has a high pitch singer and a declining sound after verse.

Red dress, court room scene, guilty in lights. Slow song, female singer, minimal instruments? On channel u or something. Music video description That video takes place in a bar or restaurant, the girl has an undercut hairstyle and I guess the colour of her hair was pink. Doo doo doot doot doo doot doo doo doo doo doo!

Video has girls and guys in it. Lyrics include something about paper airplanes going out the window. The Legend Of Bhagat Singh. The song is rather lengthy.

Once I was going through Arabic songs. Arabic the songs is arabic and starts slowly with male vocals repeating something like sadala madala.

There is some eastern Indian music playing in the the chorus parts. The song is about money or college. Mexico Rooster crowing in beginning. It starts with Acapella male voices and then a girl comes in singing.

Girlfriend moved to new york Probably early s. They know Fun game to play whisper in ear they know. It is a rap which is not too fast. It was a sort of dance, like crank it from soulja boy, and it came with a video of black people dressed in red. Electronic music a police woman see clocks in the walls In the video a police woman is pursuing a person who write the hour in the walls with green colour at the night.

Kasam Paida Karne Wale Ki. So Cal whistle Seriously driving me crazy. Whistle the melody Music video starts with a guy a bum? Girl voice chill electronic kinda song Electronic girl voice song quiet chill song lyrics for you.

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Korean song Korean song About love On a univeristy The man is sitting of the park bench At the end of the mv there is a note on the notice board. It was super funny about having a bad day. Relatively new in popularity.

Music video had a blind guy in it I cant remember for the life of me how the song went. She looks in a mirror and I think putting on makeup in one part of the video.

What song goes woah oh oh hey! The song was more or less pop music. Girls singing and old man smoking Girls singing and old man smoking.

Male country song Male country singer. Funky guitar heavy bass no lyrics Funky guitar with heavy bass. The song had both Korean and English lyrics. Asian female sung in English.

It starts with a guy in an office, a nerd, and he sings about a girl maybe his girlfriend. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.

It was a piano based indie tune sang by a female. You can consider a dance hit. In background of corus girls say ohhwoah and the guy says gene in a bottle. Two guys racing a car around.

Shafiq Mureed - Bay Kasi (Audio)

It was a concert recording on youtube. Dancing on a chair with water and confetti coming down. It was an alt song or indie. The vocals were female, style similar to country and Western. Pink haired girl So i saw the music video, it was an edgy looking girl with pink hair, i think it was long hair, dat to vob converter she wore a skirt and the video was shooting in a club.

Click here to write your own. Heard someone blasting it outside my window. Looking For this female song ballad from the s I am looking for the song that was played in this book store that I worked at as well as hearing it many times on an oldies station years ago.

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Shafiq Mureed - Bay Kasi (Audio)