As Nzs 2918

Prepare to evacuate to ensure everyone's safety. Flue and Hearths Nectre Inbuilt is not supplied with a flue from the factory.

These standards are being proposed for withdrawal, unless Standards Australia or Standards New Zealand receives advice to the contrary from the public. Specifications, Installation and.

If your heater came with an ash cleanout system, or an optional one is being installed, discard the extra full brick. Always use dry, seasoned fi rewood, up to clean-burning and user-friendly, this heater will mm long. Standards New Zealand is seeking your feedback on whether you see a need to maintain this standard, to help determine if it should be withdrawn, as it was last updated at least ten years ago.

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Often the hottest temperatures are achieved by burning a mix- ture of wood with coal laid over the top. We suggest you consult your dealer to confirm the correct installation requirements for your space. Steel baffle with steel brick retainer and firebrick lining to improve thermal mass. Efficiency quoted are peak based on a low burn cycle. If any scratches occur, you can easily touch up the fire with an aerosol can of matching paint.

Steel and composite construction. Download the Nectre Traditional range brochure. New Zealand experiences thousands of unwanted fires every year.

Standards Australia - Standard Organisation in Australia

Download a single page brochure. This is a list of projects currently being worked on by Standards Australia's Standards Development Team. Excellent for feeling the heat of the flame and warming the surround living space. Where can I buy a Nectre Inbuilt. Contact local building or fire officials about restrictions and installation inspection requirements in your area.

Nectre Inbuilt is not supplied with a flue from the factory. Burn wood only, dry and well seasoned. Ashes should be placed in a metal container with a tight fi tting lid. Rehabilitation and strengthening of existing bridges. Use an appropriate household mm inlet.

For your safety, follow the installation instructions. This Standard applies to the installation of domestic solid fuel burning appliances, whether installed in domestic or commercial situations. Safety Notice If this stove is not properly installed, a house fi re may result. The fact sheets aim to ensure the industry is well informed about the potential risks associated with the use of flammable refrigerants in New Zealand.

Begin normal operation after a good coal base exists efficiency at a moderate fi ring rate. Below is the list of current Standards developed and published by Standards Australia.

Our Dealers all provide suitable a flue and or decromesh kits required for installation. Ignite the paper and close the door. We reserve the right to change or alter sizes and or specifications without notice. Foundations and soil-supporting structures. Publication announcements View all.

If they are still being used in your industry or community, then we will work to continue making these standards available. Monthly - Brick rail tabs and brick rails. The fire protection sector New Zealand experiences thousands of unwanted fires every year.

Yunca Heating MONTE Installation Instructions

Yunca Heating MONTE Installation Instructions

Specifies requirements for the installation of domestic solid fuel burning appliances that can be fully assembled prior to being transported to the installation site. Terms of Reference is subject to change. The HeatSaver Flue System contains a complete installation drawing and correct clearances from the ceiling level up. There are no international relationships for this committee.


Burn times quoted are up to and can vary depending on wood, installation and heater condition. Operation Instructions Multi-fuel Operating Instructions Multi-fuels Your Woodsman Multi-fuel will operate perfectly well burning coal, wood, briquettes or a mixture of any of these. Have Formation and Need for Removal a well understood plan of action for evacuation. No alteration or modifi cation of the com- on a non-combustible fl oor or on the ground, well away bustion air control assembly is permitted.

This list does not display the obsolete, superseded, available superseded and withdrawn Standards. It may be fi red only after the stove is installed properly.

Only use a damp cloth no chemicals when cleaning the outside of the fire. Installation We recommend having a professional install any of our Nectre heaters. Standards Australia participates in Standards development with the International standards bodies as listed below. Trouble Shooting The baffle may not be in place correctly, visually check to see if it has moved.

Nectre heaters do not come with hearths, our Dealers can supply a suitable hearth for your requirements. Our Dealers can arrange installation and most cases will undertake a site inspection to determine the correct location. It does not cover the installation of appliances that need to be assembled in situ, autocad step by step tutorial or appliances with electrically driven fuel stoker systems. The aged standards review seeks to ensure that joint Australia and New Zealand standards are current and continue to support trans-Tasman harmonisation where possible. Combustion Air Combustion Air To draw outside air from behind the stove cut or drill a mm hole through a wall behind the unit.

AS/NZS (SAI) - Archival Data - Australian/New Zealand Standards

Woodsman Totara Manuals

Always keep loading door closed when Disposal of Ashes burning. Emissions quoted are grams per kilogram.

It does not apply to concrete hinges. The constitution of a Technical Committee consists of the Nominating Organisations that represent various interest groups across the industries. Contact us for more information.