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Codes and Standards Training, Inc. The following guidelines are recommended for determining corrosion considerations for a n applicable heater. British Standards Institution. Split pass coils are used when i t i snecessary to use two heating stages to minimize hydrate formation within the coil.

The coilsection shallbe removable from the shellopposite from the fireboxendtofacilitate inspection and repair. The spiral coil is generally used on smaller heaters and is normally a single pass coil. All fittings and valves between the inlet and outlet of the coil are to be considered within the coil limit.

Itmay also serveas a stackdowndraft diverter. Pipe may be bent by any hot or cold method which will result in arc surfaces free of cracks and substantially free of buckles. Dunedin Academic Press Ltd.

List here theequipment on whichapplicant desires toapply themonogram. Thecoil shall be retested.

It mayalsobe referredtoasan economizer or expansiontank. Deutsches Institut fur Normung E.

The effectof the lugs on the shell shouldbeinvestigatedandreinforcement should be provided if required. All fittings and valves between the inlet and outlet of the coil are to be considered Githin thecoil limit. This edition supersedes the sixth edition and includes editorial approved at the Standardization Conference as reported in Circ.

One nameplate shall be securely attached to the shell bearing the information shown in Figure G. Detail Summary View all details. The fees assessed are to defray the cost of the Monogram Program.

Heating of oil andgasstreams done for the purposeof close to the wellhead is normally preventing hydrate or wax formation. Its capacity should besufficienttocontainthewater expansionbetweenambientandoperatingtemperatures. The dimension L is the length of the longest side or the distance between rigid structural frame members, whichever is less.

Where will equipment be manufactured? All componentsandweldsshallas a minimumbe visually examined during and after fabrication.

Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association, Inc. If so, give full information on separate sheet on types, sizes, lexitron and from whomordered. The purchaser may make any investigation necessary to be assured of compliance by the manufacturer and may reject any material that does not comply with this specification. The single pass coil is normally a serpentine pattern with only one flow path.

The following restatement of the resolution was adopted by the Boardof Directors on Nov. Shell weight empty, Ibs excluding coil weight. Manufacturers whose authorizationtousethemonogramhas been cancelled may request reinstatement at any time. Manage society memberships. It normally consists of a corrugated aluminum cell mounted in a metal housing which attaches to the firebox.

Existing licensees must be periodically surveyed by an approved Institute surveyor to determine whetheror not they continue to qualify for authorization to use the monogram. If applicant possesses such gages, give full information on separate sheet on types, sizes, certifying agency, and certification dates. Boltingforheatershells, st.

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These publications are not intended to obviate the need for applying sound engineering judgment regarding when and where these publications should be utilized. The application of the monogram may not be subcontracted. Telecommunications Standards. Inadditiontotheinitial authorization fee, licenseeswill be assessed an annual renewal fee for each specification under which he is authorizedtousethemonogram. The coil area required for an indirect type oil-field heater can be calculated using the basic heattransferequationlistedin Par D.

Wellstream heating may also be done to prevent liquids from condensinginthegatheringline or tofacilitatesubsequent fluid separations. Coil pipe size and schedule for each section. The method of radiography shall be in accordance with the latest edition of the. The Agreement form must be submitted in duplicate foreach specification underwhichmonogramrights are desired.

Other additives to thewaterbathmayinclude corrosion inhibitors. Manufacturers serial number. If the applicant does not now possess such gages, have theybeen ordered?

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American Welding Society, Inc. Intake flame arrestors and other optional burner accessories as listed in Appendix A may also be included.

Certification Directories

MaterialSchedule Coil Area Ft. Inlarger heaters the firetube may consist of a large diameter first pass firetube and multiple return tubesmanifolded into a common stack. Synapse Information Resources, Inc. The manufacturer shall afford, without charge, all reasonable facilities to satisfy the inspector that the material is being manufactured in accordance with this mecification.