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They divvy up the workload and each focuses on their own departments. Debutant director Gokul Krisha has packaged the film smartly. They get a big contract, but it is contingent upon them working together as a team. Chandra shows no interest but loses one of her male workers. Later, when an irate bride's father confronts Chandra, she blames Shruti, claiming it was her fault.

The film released in screens worldwide for both versions. Shakthi, misunderstanding, believes she is telling him the night didn't mean anything to her. Shakthi accepts on the condition both he and Shruti are hired together. Shakthi's enthusiasm for courtship is quickly dampened once Shruti launches a long pitch of her business ideas.

Shakthi starts his own wedding planning business and the two go their separate ways. Wow Marriage is a Indian Tamil-language romantic comedy film directed by debutant A.

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Shakthi promises it will never be a problem, but Shruti is not interested. The performance is a success and the following day, Shakthi tells Shruti they should be partners again, saying Getti Melam was never as successful as when they were together. Detective Byomkesh Bakshy! However, they don't do as well by themselves and end up plunging into debt. This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed.

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That night after the event, they dance and both end up drunk. Shruti answers a call from Siddharth and walks away sadly, leaving Shakthi alone. List of films released by Yash Raj Films. Their first project is very successful and the duo plans many more small weddings. Desperate to win her back, Shakthi steals Siddharth's phone number and calls him, telling him to back off and that Shruti is his.

Shakthi and Shruti perform together for the wedding. Finally, they get their first big client. The next day, Shakthi calls those involved in the wedding and manages to get Shruti's name and college. The bride had been a guest at the first big wedding they had done and wanted the same level for her own wedding.

Theatrical release poster. Switch to Desktop Version. This creates a tense atmosphere between the two. She tries to reassure him she is not like other women. She confronts Shakthi, who quickly summons his friend, the videographer at the wedding, and pretends he is part of the film crew and has a right to be there.

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After a lot of work, the wedding is a huge success. The lyrics were written by Thamarai and Madhan Karky. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. While checking the arrangements, Shruti learns that Chandra cheats her clients. At the sudden thought of losing her forever, Shakthi realizes he has always been in love with Shruti but was too scared to acknowledge it in fear of jeopardizing the business.

He goes back to Shruti, who refuses him as she is worried that romantic complications would arise. Relieved, he tells her it meant nothing to him as well. Nani Vaani Kapoor Karthik Nagarajan.

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She spots Shakthi next to Shruti and offers him the job. Shakthi tells Shruti he'd loved her all along and was a fool to have run away from her love.

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Angry at Chandra for accusing Shruti, Shakthi says she has no right to treat her employees like this. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. During the rest of the wedding preparations, Shakthi pesters Shruti about her engagement, claiming she would be moving too far from her parents or Dubai wouldn't suit her.

Shakthi Nani is street-smart and fun-loving. Hearing what Shakthi had done to Siddharth, Shruti runs off to find Shakthi and confronts him where he is waiting for her on a rooftop.

Petta - Aaha Kalyanam Official Video - Tamil

Afterwards, Shakthi lies awake all night, worried about what has happened. Shruti pretends to agree but cries after he leaves.

And, yet, for all these flaws, Aaha Kalyanam manages to hold your interest and that is mainly because of Habib Faisal's winning script. Aaha Kalyanam Theatrical release poster. The soundtrack for Aaha Kalyanam was composed by Dharan Kumar. The project began shoot by the end of May and shot in Hyderabad with Padam Kumar, head of Yash Raj Film's operation in South India, deskspace full version for being appointed the creative producer on the project.

They agree to partner up again for this one wedding for the sake of recovering their own losses. Shruti calls off her engagement and the two share a passionate hug.

Aaha Kalyanam Movie Download Single Part 320 Kbps

Not wanting to hurt her feelings, he behaves awkwardly around her, while Shruti realizes she has fallen in love with him. They quit and Shruti, calling him her partner, leaves with him, warning Chandra that they will cross paths. The film was overall a commercial failure. They have a huge fight, resulting in Shruti breaking the partnership and forcing Shakthi to leave the company. She makes a deal with her parents that after her exams, she will take five years to get her business running before getting married.

When Shakthi's father comes to take him back to his village, Shakthi refuses and lies he is starting a wedding planning business. Shakthi is under pressure from his parents to come back to their village and work in sugarcane fields, and Shruti is being coaxed by her family to get married at the earliest. She admits she did fall in love with him, but since he didn't feel the same, she had moved on.

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